Charlie Mac
Jul 1, 2021

Let’s talk about intermittent fasting!

Intermittent fasting has been promoted in the health and fitness industry for a while now. 

People band it around as the ‘fat loss miracle’ however just relying on the principle that you’re not eating for a certain time of the day will not necessarily result in fat loss. 

Many studies have shown that it can have huge health benefits and therefore should not be overlooked or belittled in this respect, benefits have said to include, cell renewal, improved insulin resistance, reduced oxidative stress and inflammation in the body which can lead to many chronic illnesses. 

It certainly has it’s place for fat loss too- only if however you’re sticking to a calorie deficit within your feeding window. The mistake I find that many people make is over consuming during their feeding window as some kind of reward for not eating, therefore undoing the whole purpose of the process. 

If you’re going to incorporate intermittent fasting in to your lifestyle, understand exactly what you want to achieve from it. Yes it has health benefits but it is not going to be the be and end all for your fat loss if you’re over consuming during the time you have to eat. 

As with any diet for fat loss purposes there is no hidden miracle to it, intermittent fasting for fat loss is simply restricting the window you have to eat, resulting in not having meals that you might have had, putting you in a calorie deficit…if you eat back those calories in your feeding window and then some then it defeats the purpose. If you feel like it is something that works for you, that you enjoy then go for it but if you’re miserable and not functioning properly by skipping breakfast for example then is it really the right thing for you? Just because it worked for Karen down the road doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you!

To find out how you can follow a meal plan that works for you and your lifestyle drop me a DM! 

Think smart and train smart! 

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