Apr 29, 2021


Let’s talk about the scales!

There was a time that I weighed myself every single day, obsessing about the numbers I saw, letting that affect the rest of my day, my mood, what I ate, what I did.

Today, however, I honestly cannot remember the last time I stepped on a weighing scale!

I have days when I feel better about myself and days when I feel a bit bloated and not so great. However I now understand that there are so many different variables that can change your relationship with gravity and the numbers that you see on the scale do not always tell the full picture.

Reasons the numbers might vary are:

Time of day
Bowel movements
Water retention
Salt intake

Whilst the scales can help you keep a track of your goals and can keep you accountable the above can show just how easy it is for these numbers to change day in day out and throughout the day.

You are not a failure if you go up a bit in weight and you’ve been running yourself in to the ground with training and diet and are not seeing progress.

Try and focus on other factors that you might be achieving instead.

Did you get that first press up?

Are you keeping on top of your nutrition?

Did you fit in to that pair of jeans that you haven’t been able to button up before?

Are you getting your sleep in?

Are you taking better care of yourself?

If so, these wins should be celebrated and an indicator for you that you’re doing the right thing. The numbers will always go up, down and stay put and that is normal. Do not let that affect the way you feel about yourself and ruin how you approach the rest of your day.

If you are keeping on top of healthy habits then the rest will follow. Be patient and, as always, BE KIND to yourself!

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